JD Power Rates Local Builders

Many builders in the area use the rankings of JD Power to rate their quality.  I thought you may find it interesting to know what local builders rank the highest.  This list covers all of the DC area. 

 Click HERE for the ratings.


Lowest HOA Fee’s In Ashburn…

houses.jpgHOA Fees….. Good or Bad???

For those of you who somehow do not know what an HOA fee is, it stands for Homeowners Owners Association fees.  Many communities now (or should I say, almost EVERY) community in Ashburn has them.  The fees go to pay fees associated with living in the community. 

Depending on the community and what is offered, the fees will vary.  For example if a community provides a pool, gym, internet, cable, trash, snow removal, common grounds, a tot lot, etc.. the fees will most likely be high.  A few communities that have higher fees but many benefits would be Belmont Land Bay/ Country Club (inside the gate), Broadlands South, and Lansdowne on the Potomac (Leesburg). 

Depending on ones personal usage of such benefits such as the gym, pool, etc… one could argue that they do not want to pay for such facilities because they do not use them.  For those who do use the facilities the fees are many time justified. 

couch.jpgSo obviously it depends. It’s a broad stroke to call them bad since they ALSO provide a level of INSURANCE against odd neighbors.  I have a listing in another local city who does not have an HOA.  Since my client is obviously wanting to sell their home it is never beneficial to have neighbors with COUCHES on their porch along with a dingy old CHAIR (a bad idea for selling your home- a free tip).  The problem is that my client can do nothing about it because he has no one to report it to.  So much for no HOA fee.

Here is a list of neighborhoods with single family detached homes with HOA fee’s under $100.  (This list is not exhaustive.  The fee’s could be different per home and I am not listing all of the benefits.  Forgive me for any mistakes.  Their are a lot of neighborhoods in Ashburn). 

From Least to Greatest:

1.  Ashburn Mews  $30 Quarterly

2.  Belmont Ridge  $36 Quarterly

3.  Belle Terra  $68 Quarterly

4.  Alexandras Grove  $50

5.  Amberleigh Estates  $50

6.  Ashbrook Village $70  (Excersise Room, Basketball Courts, Pool)

7.  Belmont Green $79.75 (Pool)

8.  Ashburn Square $85 (Pool, Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, Workout Facility)

Ashburn ::: Brambleton

brambleton town

I am always amazed when working with clients within the beltway who have no clue where Ashburn is.  Within the last couple of years it has recieved more recognition since it was rated one of the fastest growing counties in the US during the housing boom and the held the title of the “Wealthiest Jurisdiction in the Nation” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loudoun_County,_Virginia).   Ashburn’s fame should spread a little more since there are now plans  to extend the metro from Tysons Corner to Ashburn (www.dullesmetro.com).   

Developers have been no stranger to this area over the past 5 years and are continuing to build.  Many large builders such as Toll Brothers, Beazer, Miller and Smith (a local builder), KHOV, Winchester Homes, Centex, Pulte, and Richmond American, and others continue to make their presence known hoping that when the market strengthens that they will have made their mark and dollar on this booming piece of real estate. 

gonewcinema072507_1.jpgMuch of the Northern side of Ashburn close to Route 7 has been built out within the past 15 years in such areas as Ashburn Village, Ashburn Farm, and Belmont,.  Now areas south of Waxpool Rd. are booming with excitement as what I call “The New Ashburn” is being developed.  One of the most exciting areas  is the town center in Brambleton.  It is drawing in the crowds to their expansive store front retail shops, new 16 screen theatre, and many great restaurants.

To view the town centers web site CLICK HERE

If you would like to view Brambleton Town Centers Map CLICK HERE.

If you are interested in finding out more about Brambleton or the surrounding locations CONTACT ME